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Set for a King: 200 years of Gardening at the Royal Pavilion

Set for a King: 200 years of Gardening at the Royal Pavilion

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The Royal Pavilion and its extraordinary interiors and collections have been the subject of much study. As a building of international importance it is unique. It is also unique in Britain in being run by a Local Authority. This is the first attempt to record the development of its setting. The garden, like the building responded to changing fashion.

The history of gardening can be seen as a pendulum moving between formality and informality. At Brighton the garden reflected both trends. Surprisingly the final garden combined both.

The 'Regency' garden's evolution and the theories behind its creation are explained, with reference to period publications. Drawings of the plants used in the restored garden show the succession of flowers throughout the seasons, an innovation at the time. The plant combinations offer inspiration to visitors and gardeners today.

Written by Mike Jones

25cm x 30cm

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