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Pop-up Travel Cup - Royal Pavilion

Pop-up Travel Cup - Royal Pavilion

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Whether you’re rushing to work, heading to the gym or embarking on an active adventure, carry your spill-free pokito. Meticulously designed to hold all hot and cold drinks. When empty, just fold it down and slide it into your pocket or bag and carry on with your day without the hassle of carrying around a heavy reusable cup.

Made from TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) for the soft component and PP (polypropylene) for the hard bands, it can be completely disassembled for deep cleaning or recycling.

Expanded Height: 15cm (5.9″) Volume: 475ml (16 oz) collapses down to 4.5cm

Expands for espresso 8oz, medio 12oz and grande 16oz

Designed and manufactured in the UK by Pokito Ltd.

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